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Terms and Conditions

All hired goods supplied is the ownership of Prop and Snap. This includes the photos taken at the event. The customer is responsible for all goods within the hire period.


The customer is responsible for providing the booking details and making sure they are correct, this includes providing the correct date, times and venue.

If any details change the customer is responsible for informing Prop and Snap. Failure to notify us may result in extra costs incurred or the hire being cancelled with no refund

The customer is responsible for the venue. If the venue cancels and no alternative is found then this may incur cost which we charge to you and you will need to recover from the venue.

To book a deposit of £50 will be required to secure the date.


The full cost of hire will need to be paid 14 days before the date of the event. If nothing is received the date may be cancelled and put back on sale for other customers to use.


A deposit of £50 will need to be paid when booking to secure the date, if no deposit is paid then the booking date will remain open for anyone to book. Priority will be given to the customer who pays the deposit first. 

The £50 deposit is non-refundable.


You can cancel at anytime by notifying us by email.

Cancellation will result in the £50 deposit not being refunded.

Cancellation up to 7 days and including the day of the event, will result in no refund

Damage to Property

Any damage incurred to the photo booth, props and other equipment used by Prop and Snap during the hire period will be the responsibility of the person booking and an invoice for replacement cost and/or loss of income will be issued. 

Damage incurred by your guest will result in us invoicing you and you will need to recover your money from your guests

If the damage results in us having to cancel future work you will be responsible and be invoiced for the loss of income.

Photos/ Images

All photos and images remain the property of Prop and Snap and can be used on our websites, social media sites and advertising material. Should you not wish for you images to be used in this way then let us know by email.

All photos will be uploaded to our social media sites within 5 working days of the date of your event. Should you not want this please let us know by email.

A digital copy of all the photos taken at the event will be uploaded onto a secure, password protected site and access given to you within 5 working days of the event.

All photos will be stored for 6 months. Within this time you can ask for duplicate physical prints. After 6 months the photos will be deleted and no more prints can be requested

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